About Us

Community Health Action of Staten Island has been improving the health of Staten Islanders for over 25 years. We emerged from the AIDS crisis of the 1990s with experience delivering a model of care that drives dramatic improvement in the health of our clients. We use this integrated care model to work with people in need across Staten Island. We help our communities with a wide range of services including domestic violence interventions, care for people with multiple chronic health conditions, addiction treatment services, and operating a community food pantry in Port Richmond. We provide HIV and hepatitis C screenings as well as insurance enrollment, help with SNAP (food stamp) benefits, and health screenings on our Mobile Health Units.


Community Health Action of Staten Island drives dramatic improvements in the health of New Yorkers.


In 1988, a group of Staten Islanders who were concerned about the impact of AIDS on our community came together to address the stigma, the discrimination, and terrible conditions of people with AIDS on Staten Island. This group of activists, providers, family members, and people living with the virus created the Staten Island AIDS Task Force.

Over the years, our services expanded to address the evolving needs of the HIV community as well as other people in need. We now have programs to alleviate the care of underserved Staten Islanders, including a state licensed addiction treatment program, services for inmates and parolees, initiatives for the LGBTQ communities and youth, peer education, a food pantry, hurricane relief services, syringe exchange, opioid overdose prevention trainings, and community-based HIV, hepatitis C and STD testing.

In 2004, we changed our name from the Staten Island AIDS Task Force to Community Health Action of Staten Island to reflect the expansion of our services that continue to respond to the evolving needs of HIV positive people as well as others in need. In January of 2015, we joined Brightpoint Health, a recognized leader in providing high-quality health care, mental health care, and social support services across NYC. Together, we make significant and measurable improvement in people’s health and wellness, so they can enjoy a better life for themselves, their families, and within their communities.

Core Values