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CHASI can help you coordinate your health care, engage in supportive primary care and avoid unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

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Community Health Action of Staten Island's Health Home program provides comprehensive care management services developed specifically for individuals with multiple chronic health conditions and mental health needs.

How We Can Help

If you have one or more illnesses with ongoing medical needs, our Health Home program can help you find the right care, link you to services and benefits for which you may be eligible, and educate you on how to manage your illness.

How Health Home Works

  • Clients meet with an outreach worker who conducts a comprehensive assessment to understand your medical, behavioral, and social needs
  • A care manager is assigned to you, and will work with you to develop a plan
  • With your consent, your health records are shared (either electronically or via hard copy) among your health care providers so that services are coordinated to help you in the best way
  • Care managers facilitate communication between you and your network of providers, sharing health plans and assisting you in getting the best care to meet your needs

Did you receive a letter from Community Health Action of Staten Island about these Health Home services?

As a Health Home provider, Community Health Action of Staten Island reaches out to people with Medicaid to let you know about the free services available to you if you qualify. If you or someone you care for has received a letter from our outreach team, call us at 718.808.1421 to schedule an initial appointment.